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In my rural area it is common with geographical areas in the forest and mountains that has a name but without clear boundaries. Is there a way to make those?

In lakes where this is also common I can make an area and tag it "natural: strait" (or "bay" if it makes more sense) to make and tag such areas. They will show up on the default render and text size is adapted to area size, but the boundaries of the drawn area is not shown, just the way it's supposed to be for these areas. In other words I want the same behavior as natural:strait, but for land areas.

asked 02 Nov '20, 09:02

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A generic tag would be place=locality.

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answered 02 Nov '20, 15:37

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Seems like that tag won't render and has some controversy around it... but maybe that's all we got?

(02 Nov '20, 19:32) torger

Although that shouldn't be a concern this tag does render on 4 out 5 maps on www.openstreetmap.org when used on a node. Look at https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4402603170 for example. On these maps it does not render when used on an area, though.

(02 Nov '20, 20:02) TZorn

Thanks. I guess I have to make it as nodes then, which is a bit unfortunate as text size is then not adapted to area size like on the official government maps. Around here in the rural areas these old names still make sense and are in active use, used by forestry industry and hunters and people out in the nature. It feels odd that openstreetmap default render doesn't have good support for mapping those.

The actual names I'm looking at now are bound to slopes of mountains or hills, sometimes one side of the hill, sometimes two, sometimes the whole hill. But it's never a single point. In theory one could make a forest and name that, but it becomes very messy as the forest is speckled with ponds and wetland, so it would be much much better to be able to draw an area on top, just like "natural:strait" works on waters.

(03 Nov '20, 08:41) torger
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