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For research purposes, I would like to download public osm traces from multiple users. For this both the API and JSOM are not enough as they anonymize also the tracks that have been uploaded as public.

So I would script a wget automatic process.

Before doing anything of the kind though I would like to understand whether this is possible, which breaks down into two questions:

1)Is (script) download in bulk for public tracks accepted in the osm community? Are there size limitations?

2)Under which license are public tracks available when they are uploaded in osm repository? Is this license only valid until they are in the repository (eg does not apply any more if the user cancel them)?

Thanks for all feedback.

UPDATE: In the robots.txt of OSM one can find

Disallow: /traces/tag/ Disallow:/traces/page/

along with many others. This answers the first part of the question.

asked 29 Oct '20, 10:33

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I stumbled by accident in the information that has done some of the work for me, neatly collecting all gps tracks and unique points gently packed per region, divided per user and already anonymized.

This does not answer the question as my scraping needed to be more granular (for example all tracks with some specific tag) but I find it is a beautiful information to share :)

(29 Oct '20, 14:40) dulietina

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NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum