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I made the changeset above primarily to correct a routing issue- the map shows a dogleg of Hillside that doesn't exist, so routing leads to a dead end.

At some zoom levels (20m, 30m, 100m+) the changes I made appear correctly, but at others (50m+) they do not appear at all. Also (consequently?) the routing has not changed for affected addresses- they are routed to a nonexistent road section.

Is this just a matter of propagation time, or is there something else I need to do?

asked 25 Oct '20, 17:31

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edited 25 Oct '20, 20:17

Tiles take a while to re-render. They are generally rendered on request unless they have been rendered recently. See here for more information. You may also have some tiles cached, in which case you won't be making fresh requests.

Routing updates less frequently, there's usually quite a bit of pre-computation to do.

The tile issue may resolve itself if you clear your cache or use another browser. For the routers, all you can really do is wait (unless you want to try running your own).

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answered 25 Oct '20, 22:13

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In my experience routing services have taken a few days to use my edits

(26 Oct '20, 10:11) andy mackey

Confirmed on the cache side- it renders correctly at all zoom levels after a clear. Thank you!

I'll keep an eye on the routing over the next few days to see if/when it is resolved there. Thanks all for the feedback!

(26 Oct '20, 14:31) loopgru

Routing seems to working on foot, but not car, at least not a few minutes ago.

(27 Oct '20, 12:00) andy mackey

Car routing is now working using Graphopper five days since your edit. I didn't check yesterday so it may have been working in fours days. see

(29 Oct '20, 12:38) andy mackey
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