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(or a scooter one đź›´, see )

For example, in front of elementary schools, with small stands where only bicycles or kick-scooters for children can park.

asked 25 Oct '20, 13:50

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The closest I'm aware of is the max_age tag. I'm not sure how many data consumers would successfully interpret this on parking, but it seems to fit.

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answered 25 Oct '20, 22:34

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Thank you InsertUser for your answer,

the max_age is interesting, but I'm not sure it's adapted to that situation : It's not forbidden for people older than X. It depends on the size of the vehicle, and it's not a value, it's a category : for children. I couldn't decide which age is the correct one... For "playground", a sign often indicate an age range, but not in that situation. Maybe the answer is 12 ?

(26 Oct '20, 20:27) tdelmas

It if is actually a vehicle size issue, then maxheight or maxlength might be suitable with a bit of generous interpretation (although these are normally for legal limits maxheight:physical might be more apt). Whatever you settle on I think a note or description might be a useful addition until such times as we have "proper" standard tagging for this.

(26 Oct '20, 22:29) InsertUser
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