Hi everybody,

My client has a barber shop in Almelo, Netherlands and he targets on young people, a lot of these kids use snapchat and thats why he uses it too. Now he wants to add his business on snapchat maps, because then when you're at his business location there will be a filter available that shows his business name. This is a very smart way to let these kids make snaps and add the (free of costs!) filter. I read that Snapchat uses Mapbox and Open Street Map to get their maps data. I added two business locations, one is mine and one is that of my client. But after months it still doesn't show up on the snapchat map. Can someone please help me with this problem?

Client information: Name: Kapsalon Jameel Address: Grotestraat 125, 7607 CH Almelo, Netherlands

My business information: Name: Viral Creative Web Address: Dadelberg 24, 4708 DN Roosendaal, Netherlands

Thank you in advance, good day to you all!

asked 19 Oct '20, 14:14

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The data is fine in OpenStreetMap. Mapbox has also picked up the changed data, at least in one of the maps provided on their web page. If the business is not listed on snapchat maps you should contact them to ask when they will do that. There's nothing more to be done from OSM side.

On a side note: The description for the barber shop exceeds what should go in there in my opinion. As indicated on the description tag's wiki page it should be used for short, descriptive information only. Please review what you have added there and align it with the intended use.

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answered 19 Oct '20, 15:15

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Thank you a lot TZorn. I'll change the description. And try to contact SnapChat!

(19 Oct '20, 15:24) Viral Creati...

@viral-creative-web did you get an answer? My suspicion is that snapchat get POI information from another source.

(16 Jul '21, 10:33) mathiash98

Pretty much all of these "services" like Facebook/Instagram, Snap etc. get their POI data from elsewhere.

(16 Jul '21, 11:30) SomeoneElse ♦
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