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I am currently a Master's in Data Analytics student at National College of Ireland, Dublin. I want to perform research on the effects of climatic changes on malaria cases depending upon the topographical parameters of Africa. And for this research, I require the data of topography. Please can you provide me with the same as it would be quite helpful for my research.

Thanks and Regards Akanksha Thorat akankshathorat14@gmail.com

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I think you need to be a bit more specific on what it is you need. Then someone could figure out if what you are looking for is available and how you could retrieve it.

Are you looking for terrain types, road networks, settlements, ...? What granularity are you looking for? What kind of data formats can you handle? etc.

(19 Oct, 11:33) TZorn

Thank you for the input, I am specifically looking at the terrain types (plain, plateau, hill, valley) whose topography indices (TWI, TRI, TPI, Slope, Elevation, Aspect) would be available. Related image data(png,jpeg) or excel sheet(csv) data would be really helpful for my research.

(23 Oct, 15:14) akankshathorat

There are global sources of elevation data, often in the form of DEM (digital elevation model) files covering a degree or so of latitude and longitude. That can be used with tools like the gdal library to extract out slope, etc. Searching the web for SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) and/or DEM should find you at least some of the datasets.

None of this has anything to do with OpenStreetMap which, in general, does not have topography information in it.

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