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Hello Everyone, I am really new to OSM and I am trying to extract all public transportation Data. I am currently using a JOSM Filter that basically gives me what I want.

(child(type:relation (route= bus or route=trolleybus or route=ferry or route=detour or route=train or route=tram or route=railway or route=subway or route=light_rail or route=tracks)))

I use this filter by inverting the results.

By copying my filtered content into a new layer and then saving it to *.osm.pbf I can even use the filtered content somewhere else. Their are three problems with that approach because of the Rendering Aspect of JOSM this approach is really slow, consumes a lot of resources and I can’t really automate it.
I tried to “translate” my JOSM Filter to use it in Osmosis are Osmfilter, but I couldn’t get it right. Does anyone have a solution for my Problem with a better performance and a way to automate it with a script?I am also flexibel with the tools, I used Osmfilter and Osmosis because it seemed that they were the go to Tools for the task at hand.

Thanks in advance.

asked 15 Oct '20, 09:11

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If anyone is curious how i solved my problem. I just queried the data already "filtered" from Overpass-API.

The Query I used was:

  out meta;
  out skel meta;

If anyone is looking at a similar Problem I strongly recommend the Overpass API since the QL is really powerful in contrast to the rather elementary possibilities of osmfilter.

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answered 22 Oct '20, 08:20

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