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Hi, I live on this street: However, the name of the street is misspelled and I can't stress enough how much of an inconvenience this causes me. Apparently every single couriers, delivery services, emergency services and whatever service that uses a navigation in my country, uses one based off maps from OpenStreetMap. Idk whos fault it is but somehow in the process of mapping the streets my street got its name entered wrong into OpenStreetMap database. Every single time I order something online or are expecting a delivery or any sort or god forbid use an emergency service.. my address can not be found and I get multiple calls from drivers with me trying to explain how to find my address and them trying to find it, missing and calling me again. It's so frustrating to the point that I sometimes have to get into my car, drive to the center of my town, find the driver and then make them follow me to my address.

How do I contact and how do I change my street name to the correct one. When looking at my address in the map I found an option to submit mistakes and I did so, but it has been a few months and nothing is changed. As linked above, according to OpenStreetMap I live on Дунда(Dunda) street, which is incorrect. The street is called Дунав(Dunav) it's named after the second largest river in Europe - Danube river or Дунав(spelled Dunav in English letters) in Bulgarian. Here is a picture I took of the street sign as a proof:

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  1. Zoom into the area concerned on
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Follow the tutorial to find out how it works
  4. Click the street on the map
  5. Click the name box, and type the correct name in place of the wrong one
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Add a short comment to explain what you've done
  8. Done!
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Still, it's disappointing that the Note has not been acted upon.

(15 Oct '20, 18:50) sdoerr

Like most of the work on OSM, notes are usually handled by volunteers with knowledge of the area. Possibly someone is monitoring notes in your area and would get around to it (but after 4 months that seems unlikely.) If not, someone mapping in the area will find the note eventually, possibly years later.

If you're capable of making the change yourself, that's a much faster way of addressing the problem. (Note that even after you've fixed the name, it may take a while for delivery services to update their systems with the new data.)

After you've fixed the street name, remember to close the note, otherwise it can stick around for years and confuse people.

And then take a look at some other notes in the area and see if you can help! Some of them may already be fixed and just need to be closed (maybe ?). Some of them will require local knowledge and possibly a survey to resolve (maybe or ?).

Thanks for improving the map!

(15 Oct '20, 19:21) jmapb

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