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I've been getting interested in the various bike routes across the US. In particular the East Coast Greenway. I noticed a discrepancy between what is on the East Coast Greenway Website (which I believe is freely available),39.95298,-75.14820

And what is currently in Open Street map, particularly the connection from Philadelphia across the Ben Franklin Bridge. I noticed that these kind of paths seem to be notated using tags, but didn't feel confident to undo current tags and redo them to match the current greenway. Does anybody have any suggestions for best practices in editing these bike routes? Double tag first then delete incorrect tags? Delete first then redo? Is there a better tool?

Any guidance is much appreciated!

asked 13 Oct '20, 21:06

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Note: OSM goes primarily with signage on the ground, which may not be the same as as websites/documentation.

(14 Oct '20, 19:56) DaveF

I took the route myself and the section I'm thinking of did not have signage for what is in OSM currently. Based on my trip, what is currently on the greenway website is almost certainly correct.

(19 Oct '20, 18:47) benbyday

Routes of any kind are typically modelled with route relations, not with direct tagging on the objects themselves.

Essentially a route relation is simply an ordered list of the ways the route traverses, so nothing that is conceptually complicated. The route relation further holds the tags that describe the route, for example a name of a ref value.

I would recommend discussing the specific issue on the US mailing list, there are a number of participants that are very knowledgeable about US cycle infrastructure and can surely help.

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