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Hello, I have got 12 maps on umap. In 11 of them everything works fine, but in one of them the description of the two markers does not show. I cannot find the difference to the other 11 maps. I have chosen "always show label/description" and I made it clickable. I can see, that both markers have these settings, but the label does not appear. How to fix this?

The map is:

asked 06 Oct '20, 12:37

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To make my problem more clear: This is, how it should look like:

This is, how the map, I have problems with, looks like:

The options are - as far as I can see - the same. But the labels do not show in map 2. What could probably cause the problem?

(08 Oct '20, 13:55) fabi-jank

Since you don't seem to have any confidential data or much data at all in there would you be able to make the map editable by everyone? Then we could have a look ourselves. It's a bit difficult to guess.

(08 Oct '20, 16:35) TZorn

Hello TZorn, I made it editable for everyone. I hope, you or somebody can find the problem.

(08 Oct '20, 18:39) fabi-jank

I fold. I've played around in the map, created a new layer, changed settings forth and back and so on. To no avail. I have no clue what is going wrong.

You can raise an issue with the developers. But in my experience they are not very responsive.

Better try creating a new map and see if it works there.

(09 Oct '20, 08:42) TZorn

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