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I am updating the land uses in my neighbourhood. I’ve just found that, according to the wiki, the landuse key should not be mapped as a relation (multipolygon). Is it right? I hope not because I have mapped land uses with multipolygon relations for years.

If the wiki is right, should I revert all these landuse multipolygons into areas (i.e. duplicating ways for adjacent land use)?

Thanks in advance

asked 04 Oct '20, 17:09

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This is a misunderstanding. The relation with red bar icon means you shouldn't be using that on other kinds of relations, but the use on areas (area icon) is fine, and that includes multipolygon relations.

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answered 04 Oct '20, 17:28

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Baaaa! so obvious. Thanks

(04 Oct '20, 18:48) jfd553

HI Daniel, a piece of farmland could be irrigated by a pivot, which brings even 2 farmlands in the same multypolygone :-)

(04 Oct '20, 23:59) Hendrikklaas

This is basically a matter of mapping style. Multipolygons reduce the number of ways, but can be misuderstood by other users and accidentally damaged. Conversely using ways can make it difficult to locate the exact way to change in some editors. In general it's best to follow whatever local convention is used (in many European countries, and some US states, imports of landcover data means that the bulk of landuse polygons will be relations). There's certainly no need to change what you have already done.

(05 Oct '20, 14:05) SK53 ♦

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