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I am trying to extract all nodes (e.g. shop, restaurant, cafe, etc.) from a way (e.g. a shopping mall). Using this, there are some nodes (such as IKEA and Swarovski) that didn't get selected by this script. What did I do wrongly?

asked 04 Oct '20, 12:51

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I suspect there may be an error in your polygon. This query which uses the retail area for JEM returns both Ikea & Swarvski (although I'm at a bit of a loss about why the latter gets missed).

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answered 05 Oct '20, 13:59

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The polygon was based on the nodes of the way (JEM) which should include everything in it. I will try again with other polygon of other way and report back.

(06 Oct '20, 00:10) hosei

Both IKEA and Swarovski have their names & brands locked. Probably it may restrict the scripts somehow alt text

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answered 04 Oct '20, 20:26

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That's a feature in the editor, it wouldn't impact the Overpass-API search (which does not consider wikidata tags unless you specify them in the query).

(04 Oct '20, 20:45) maxerickson

I don't think the name being locked is the cause. The name is locked because there is a linked Wikidata. If you look at my overpass turbo link, the node "Monster Curry" (7127656165) which its name is not locked, yet it doesn't show up in my query.

(05 Oct '20, 06:47) hosei

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