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There's quite a tagging mess here, mostly due to people not thinking about what a name is: I culled a few obviously nonsensical names such as "solar vacio" ("empty lot") already but for the rest I'd like to hear what others think.

The V-something "names" seem to be actual house numbers while most of these buildings are tagged with addr:housenumber being "MZ-something" for "manzana", block. So I guess the possibilities are a) always use the combination of manzana and number as addr:housenumber=MZx n b) addr:block=m without the MZ prefix, addr:housenumber=n, probably best without the V c) addr:place instead of addr:block - I understand the block number is supposed to be used instead of addr:street while the manzana isn't useful without a street. I'm leaning towards b).

Orthogonal to that: would a building name like "Condominio Geminis" go into "name" or addr:housename? The latter is not considered mutually exclusive with addr:housenumber, is it?

Then again, is it worth cleaning that up in the first place, considering many of those "buildings" don't correspond to real-world buildings but rather to something like lots? Maybe deleting the building=* where the subjective difference between the building outline and mapped area is too big?

asked 02 Oct '20, 10:05

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I don't know enough about that type of addressing scheme to comment, but I do want to comment on the house name aspect. addr:housename is for when the name of the building is part of the mailing address (usually because the building doesn't have a addr:housenumber, so the name is the only way to identify the correct delivery location). In the case of "Condominio Geminis", that sounds like a name=*, not part of the address.

(02 Oct '20, 17:44) alester

Thanks, that's sort of my gut feeling, too. The building name is commonly used as part of the address; my memory of Ecuador is too hazy to tell whether there are cases where where several buildings of different name use the same house number but I think the name is generally just a more mailman-friendly extra.

(03 Oct '20, 07:31) mbethke

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