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I'd like to map a park where I'm currently living next by more detailed, with mixed path, places and Wood. The park is located in Laoting China: Link to Satelite Image

I thought a little bit how to do it properly, but I'm confused. My Idea would be:

multipolygon with Key: Leisure:Park outer.

member with Key: Highway:Pedestrian covering the whole park

lot of members with Key: natural:wood for all areas with trees in it (I did not find something like manmade:wood)

does this sound correct?

Also in the middle of the park there is some kind of "floor fountain", so you can access the area without boundary and there is no water unless the water show begins. Is there a proper tag for it? Tagging it as fountain would show up as water, which I think is wrong, since most of the time, the fountain is off, so it is just a flat area.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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I don't like to post items that might discourage mapping here, but you might want to read this OSM Wiki page and this Wikipedia article and see how you feel about China specific restrictions before you continue.

(01 Oct '20, 08:11) InsertUser

Good to point that out once but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've mapped a lot when I lived in or visited China. And there are obviously many more doing it, locals as well as foreigners. is also commonly used by my friends in China. I have never heard of a case where someone got problems because of his mapping.

Use common sense. It's probably not advisable walking around pacing off distances or something like that. But taking pictures of the locality and even random people is more common in China then hereabouts in Europe.

(01 Oct '20, 11:28) TZorn

To me this looks like one big park with a lot of paved areas. If I were mapping it I don't think i would exclude any of the inner regions from the leisure=park area unless there were clear signs on the ground that they aren't considered part of the park proper.

Tagging highway=pedestrian across the whole area would be unusual for an area like this where you are probably expected to stick to the paths when just passing through. The central area extending north and the area around what appears to be a stage might be treated as a pedestrian area, but the remainder look to me like they would probably best be treated as paths traces on the centrelines.

Commercially managed forest is usually landuse=forest, I don't know if that is a better tag for these areas than natural=wood or not. See the forest page for more information.

The floor fountain would probably be amenity=fountain + fountain=splash_pad. Don't worry too much about how it renders.

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answered 01 Oct '20, 08:38

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Hi all!

Thanks for your advises and warnings. It helped a lot.

I think the park looks nice and accurate now and the park was a good starting point to understand the concept for objects in areas.

(02 Oct '20, 02:47) rocko10

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