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I am constantly coming up with badly drawn streams, ditches and waterways in my mapping of Kent, UK As mappers we are advised to amend or revise an error rather than delete and redraw. With this particular feature it takes three times as long to revise rather than deleting and redrawing from scratch. Do I need to contact the original mapper if I want to delete his/her work?

asked 30 Sep '20, 08:13

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A lot of water features in the UK were quickly traced from out-of-copyright mapping in the early days of the project and are ripe for replacement.

As long as you're sure you're not losing any information, then by all means delete and redraw. Object history is a "nice to have", not a must.

Do keep a wary eye on the full list of tags, though, to make sure that you're not removing any extra information. There might be details such as canoe access or weirs.

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answered 30 Sep '20, 10:42

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Thats why i suggested what i meant. Its easy to keep the history with it, so why not just using it? :)

(30 Sep '20, 10:55) Negreheb

Not everyone uses JOSM.

(30 Sep '20, 12:10) Richard ♦

You would still lose features tagged on nodes of a line (e.g. weirs as Richard mentioned). So there is still need to manually copy them over to the right place.

(30 Sep '20, 12:16) TZorn

There is no need to ask someone if you want to delete it. The reason this is suggested or advised is to keep the history, so everybody can retrace the history of the object. There is a way to achieve this:

If you are using JOSM as editor with the installed utilsplugin2 you can draw the new line/object, select the old object and the new one (CTRL+Left Mouse) and press CTRL-SHIFT-G or "More tools - replace geometry". Basicly just

After that everything including the history should be copied to the new object. You might want to try it first with a small object to be sure.

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answered 30 Sep '20, 09:59

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