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Can anyone help me with how to tag a bus stop that is indicated by a sign fixed on a street light?

Eg, here (That one also has a shelter, but that's not always the case.)

The problem arises at the note here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/1656360 The problem seems to be that iD doesn't like highway=bus_stop and highway=street_light on the same node.

My solution has been to duplicate the node and tag each separately, but it's not very parsimonious.

Thank you.

asked 25 Sep '20, 08:52

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edited 25 Sep '20, 08:57

You cannot add the same key to one object twice. Adding highway=street_lamp and highway=bus_stop simply does not work from the data model behind OSM. Technically, you could tag something like highway=street_lamp;bus_stop but such construct adding multiple values to one key is difficult to interpret for data consumers and generally frowned upon.

Using two nodes for the two separat features street lamp and bus stop is the right way to do it.

Please also have a look at the Wiki for some other aspects in this question.

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answered 25 Sep '20, 10:51

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Two separate nodes is the way to go. If you want to express that some object is attached to another object, you can use the key support.

(Although I find it arguable whether the bus stop sign being supported by a street light means that the bus stop as a whole is supported by a street light.)

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answered 25 Sep '20, 11:17

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Position of the street light and pole features would be a good question.

(26 Sep '20, 08:14) Kovoschiz

Presumably they can be exactly contiguous?

(26 Sep '20, 13:31) eteb3
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