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Yesterday I tried to descend from the summit of Chwarel y Fan (Wales) by following a footpath on Osmand that does not exist. Despite attempting to follow the path, I eventually encountered a commercial forest of tightly-packed fir trees bounded by barbed-wire fence and no further progress was possible.

Today I wanted to edit OSM to delete the footpath, but when I right-click it says I can't delete it because it is part of a relation. So I removed it from the relation and submitted the change, but I still can't delete the footpath. Do I need to wait for the removal from relation to be approved, or is there some other reason I cannot delete the footpath?

By the way, this is my first edit so I may be doing something wrong.

For information, here are the objects I'm trying to amend.

Way 190019842

Relation 2566042

asked 14 Sep '20, 16:33

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It looks like was removed from by you in an hour or so ago - see . However I now get (in iD) "this feature can't be deleted because not enough of it is visible". Presumably in iD there's a way of dealing with that if you're sure that yes, you really do want to delete it?

(14 Sep '20, 17:12) SomeoneElse ♦

As an aside, there's a pretty good case for not being in OSM at all. It's not signposted and in OSM it's very incomplete, although I presume that .

In addition I can say (from lots of walking in the area) that a lot of what was the "South Wales Traverse" in OSM when I was last there simply didn't correspond to anything on the ground - no path of any sort; just a direct line across upload grass and bog.

(14 Sep '20, 17:17) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks for looking at it. Maybe I did manage to delete it successfully somehow, but the options on the right-click menu (in iD) were all disabled after I removed it from the relation.

I agree that the relation South Wales Traverse appears to be just a disjointed series of paths across the map, but I didn't want to remove it as it's someone else's work. I also don't see how it could be useful to anyone as the South Wales Traverse is a continuous route, according to Wikipedia.

(14 Sep '20, 17:29) Ordvark

There is a strong argument for getting rid of the SWT relation besides it being incomplete and referring to non-existant paths.

The wiki says "They are not designed to hold loosely associated but widely spread items" which is the case with this one.

(14 Sep '20, 17:53) Ordvark


I switched to a Chrome-based browser without addons, and I was able to select the path and delete it. Might have just been an issue when using Firefox with ad-blocking addons.

I also got the message "this feature can't be deleted because not enough of it is visible" but when I zoomed out far enough it let me delete it.

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answered 14 Sep '20, 18:11

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