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Searched a fair bit but can't seem to find the answer to how to select everything within a range. For instance there's a building, outside walk around, multiple layers, made up of hundreds of drawing points. I'd like to pick it up and move it as seeming to be in the wrong spot (drawn over the slanted shade rather than the physical position. It seems just cosmetic, but it affects everything around it that needs new drawing of elements and features.


Edit: Trick for me was shift+left mouse key to activated the lasso function.

asked 14 Sep '20, 11:42

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Glad you found the solution.
Just one bit of advise: Don't rely on a single aerial image to judge if objects are located correctly or not. Even from the same provider image positions may vary between areas, zoom levels and dates taken. You should align the images with existing GPS tracks before starting to move objects around.

(14 Sep '20, 14:25) TZorn

Another tip when checking imagery alignment is to turn of the visibility of the data layer and just have the imagery and the gps tracks visible until you get it aligned. I find it much easier without the distraction of all the mapped objects.

(14 Sep '20, 15:12) nevw

I parse through them all and whichever has the majority gets the momentary vote, but even that is dubious and an educated guess if it's the right place.

GPS tracking where you're not allowed to go is hard to do, but as noted, that was the fix, else I had to squeeze a city bus through a keyhole.

Noticed in the options that you can enter an offset, but it's seemingly not limited to each sat image provider i.e. applies to all... from bad to worse.

I've been leaving the occasional note or fix me tag, and just now a new (to me) feature popped up in the right hand sidebar 'Add a note to the map'

Thx for your tips and insight.

(14 Sep '20, 16:09) SekeRob

Misunderstood your question about "a range" at first, thought I should still mention this: UtilsPlugin2 can select "All inside" an area. The objects can then be filtered by searching within.

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answered 16 Sep '20, 00:29

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To add for any reader struggling too with grabbing an area and moving, by coincidence hit shift+left mouse button while thinking I was in edit mode. After dragging realized I was in history mode and just selected a square area on the map which then nicely zoomed into that area. Very useful shortcut. Selecting a square in the edit mode I've still not managed.

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answered 15 Sep '20, 18:46

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Using Josm you can select all in rectangle using the normal select tool
Or you can use the lasso select tool

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answered 14 Sep '20, 12:51

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Thx, I read some about the range selection capability it being in the menu when clicking a point, not showing. I'll try again and will report the item [RESOLVED] and upvote if your advise does the trick.

(14 Sep '20, 13:06) SekeRob

OK, that was a battle for the bulges. Eventually, holding the shift key and the left mouse button activated the 'lasso' ability. A trial allowed to move all in range and reverse. Selecting a rectangle and everything 'completely' inside doesn't, left mouse key just drags the map image around. Maybe my mouse button switching impeded a few things up, but for now I'm happy with the 'lasso' trick. Marking [Resolved] and upvoted.

Many thanks, or as some say here Dice mille grazie.

(14 Sep '20, 13:35) SekeRob

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