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In a situation like this how can I tag that middle lane "Give way"? I've already tagged the way with lanes:backward=2 e turn:lanes:backward=left|.

asked 09 Sep '20, 12:37

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SimonPoole ♦


Do I assume correctly, that the "give way" bit is to give vehicles coming from the left priority?

(09 Sep '20, 12:45) SimonPoole ♦

Technically, since the traffic from left has a "Stop", the "Give way" is only to give priority to the vehicles coming from "the top of the image".

(09 Sep '20, 12:47) Mannivu

Ok but then it is just a normal turn lane (asking trick questions is clearly bad form).

(09 Sep '20, 18:19) SimonPoole ♦

So on turn lanes I don't have to tag the "Give way"?

(09 Sep '20, 18:58) Mannivu

If the "give way" is just to indicate that the turning traffic needs to yield to oncoming traffic, then that's already an inherent traffic rule. I sure hope we don't need to map this for every left turn lane (or right turn lane in drive-on-left countries).

(09 Sep '20, 19:24) alester

There is a proposal on using relations for this kind of give ways. It has never left draft status, though. Taginfo shows a type=give_way relation has been used only 162 times so far and I'd be surprised if any router or map would recognize this construct.

But I'm wondering what the value of tagging this is. Is giving way to oncoming traffic not the standard applicable rule where you found this situation?

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answered 09 Sep '20, 17:17

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Yes is the standard, but since there's this "Give way" i thought I should tag it. A relation might be a good solution, but in the proposal I don't see anything that covers this situation.

(09 Sep '20, 17:52) Mannivu

The proposal is vague and not very clear in parts. But as I understand it you could do it that way (if you really want to go down that road):

Let's assume your intersection sketch up there is oriented north. Split the north-south road at the intersection. Add the southern part with role=from, the western road with role=to and the northern part with role=give_way. Tag the relation with type=give_way and no other tags.

(09 Sep '20, 18:49) TZorn

As the OP has already made clear, this is a totally pointless discussion as giving way to oncoming traffic is the default (not only in OSM, but in real life too).

(11 Sep '20, 11:51) SimonPoole ♦

Well, I pointed out myself, that I don't see much sense in tagging it here.
But the discussion is not less pointless than discussing if we should tag oneway=no on a standard road. At least in Germany and Austria there are priority roads that turn left at an intersection and in that case left turning traffic does not have to yield to oncoming traffic. Tagging this relation would just state that it is the standard case and not the turning priority road case. But I think we can leave it at this.

(11 Sep '20, 17:21) TZorn

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