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Noticed a series of edits never got through, but when opening the standard browser based editor they're all there. Today I happened on a highway-highway conflict while parsing through the multiple edits and fixed it to include adding an obligatory stop for the bus lane feed (put a sign, though it's painted big on the bus lane exit that feeds into a new roundabout. The warning disappeared, but still the series of edits and any other subsequent edit that feeds into the same roundabout object dont show through. Question is, is there an easy way to find problems/conflicts. The last edit on the roundabout in hopes of resolving the set is


PS noticed on other edits that there are 'ignore issue' of other's cases standing. Will these cause edits not to appear when routing gets broken? I presume yes, but again, how to find those.

Edit: It looks like browser cache is not clearing in full, turning up stale pages in OSM.

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As far as I know this is what happens when the map is edited. The database is modified immediately. The map tiles will then be redrawn, one at a time,( there are millions of them) but this will take a while and often you will see old data on some zoom levels and new data on others because different zoom levels are redrawn in some sort of rota. You may also see old data because your browser has stored it, Ctrl F5, on a Win PC may refresh the data. If you want to test routing through a junction with Graphopper or OSRM that won't work for maybe a few days until the routers have downloaded the data for the Junction or area you wish to test. I hope this helps :)

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answered 07 Sep '20, 20:46

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OSM does not have a concept of an edit pipeline. Any edit you upload "gets through" into the central database. There's no such thing as a pending or conflicting edit that could keep another edit from "getting through". (Only thing that can happen is you get a conflict message during upload because someone else has edited the same thing at the same time.)

Can you re-phrase: "noticed on other edits that there are 'ignore issue' of other's cases standing"? What exactly did you notice?

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answered 07 Sep '20, 15:16

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@SekeRob, could you also explain which "warning disappeared"? Where (which tool/site/process step) did you see a warning?

(07 Sep '20, 16:00) TZorn

Weird, as many edits get through within minutes or hours, just this one isn't. And yes, when switching to edit mode the edits appear exactly as I entered them for that location. Moreover, I clear the browser cache daily, automated, when exiting the browser, so there should not be any local copies mucking up what I get to see, so I know they are stored server side. Puzzling.

"ignore issue" e.g. a building object is not aligned anymore, overlaying a street or other building objects. When updating the street it gives the 'ignore issue' as an option, when it was already overlaying before the edit which then results in a warning when saving the current edit. The option is there so one would imaging it has a purpose.

The warning that disappeared was the noyed highway-highway crossing when revisiting the edit-set and after. It showed near the very bottom below the nodes list. in the left edit bar.

(07 Sep '20, 16:04) SekeRob

OK, closed Vivaldi (Chrome based), after clearing cache and cookies. Opened, and not showing. Closed it again. Opened Chrome (vers. 85) and pasted the copied address from Vivaldi into Chrome and all edits are showing through. Either the bus lane edit resolved this or it's just bad cache clearing behavior by Vivaldi.

For now, consider case closed. If I can edit the OP title i'll add [RESOLVED] to the title. Apologies for the interruption.

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