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Good morning

I would like to show my travel routes on my YouTube channel such as: Dallas, Texas, USA to Atlanta, Georgia, USA and to a destination such as: 1010 Main St., Atlanta, Georgia, USA with route stops for filming purposes.

How might I do this?

Thank you and stay safe

Jack Scurlock

asked 05 Sep '20, 13:47

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While there is almost certainly something in the "ecosystem" that will be able to help, some more specifics as to exactly what you're after would aid with recommendations.

Would you like static images suitable for printing and pointing to on camera, or for display on screen, or something more sophisticated (moving marker etc?).

Do you want to display routes you have recorded by GPS or planned routes?

(05 Sep '20, 17:25) InsertUser

Thank you. I have YouTube travel channels. I travel State to State and, at times, have stop-overs, for various sponsors. The route would only be for view on my channels. Example: Depart Jacksonville, Texas...Remain overnight at Motel 6, Vicksburg, Ms ( a sponsor) travel to Atlanta, Ga the next day for a day, or so, of filming. The next trip would be departing Atlanta and returning to Texas via Tennessee. It is a continuous travel channel. Thank you for your answer and stay safe. Jack Scurlock

(05 Sep '20, 23:50) JackScurlock
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