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I'd like to start mapping trees and bushes that grow edible fruit. It's clear to me how to do this when I have a single tree that I want to tag.

But what do I do when the shrubbery along a path contains a large amount of blackberry bushes, that I don't feel I can map individually?

Can natural=scrub be combined with species=? It doesn't seem like a good idea to me, because there is probably more than one species in this area, maybe even more than one that I want to tag explicitly (say, raspberry bushes mixed in as well).

On the other hand, for an area overgrown with mainly blackberries, it might be fine. Additional noteworthy plants could be added as individual points.

Are there established ways to do this? Otherwise, what are your thoughts?

Furthermore, although this is beyond what I want to do right now, how about a meadow where some specific edible plants grow, among many other things? Is this something that can be part of OSM?

asked 05 Sep '20, 09:55

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The tags that come to mind are produce=* and crop=*. Since the wiki says that crop=* is specifically for "cultivated land" then I guess I'd go with produce=*.

See the produce=* wiki page for some examples. It looks like the typical method would be eg produce=berries + berries=blackberry, which you could add to whatever feature tag -- natrual=scrub, landuse=meadow, etc.

And if more than one thing is growing you could double up the tags with semicoloned values: produce=berries;herbs + berries=blackberry;raspberry + herbs=mint;thyme.

I'd avoid tagging species unless the feature you're tagging is entirely that species... plus it's difficult to get right; there are hundreds of species of blackberries alone.

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answered 05 Sep '20, 15:03

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thank you! it feels like "produce" was the one tag I didn't click on, and it's totally what I was looking for. Good point about species=*, too.

(05 Sep '20, 15:14) zoosh

I'd be very surprised if anyone wanted to map individual blackberry microspecies, the standard aggregate name Rubus fruticosus used with species or taxon is fine. You can also use dominant_taxon (e.g., dominant_taxon=Rubus fruticosus, or dominant_taxon=Prunus spinosa) which provides more biologically relevant information about the area of shrubs. This is approprite when the area might be described as a bramble patch or blackthorn thicket.

(05 Sep '20, 16:08) SK53 ♦

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