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My wahoo roam doesn't show the Albertkanaal in blue. The wahoo support sends me this solution: "we use OpenStreetMaps for the maps on our devices. If the 'Albertkanaal' (big canal) is not indicated as a waterway on part of their map, I am sure they would like to know about it. I recommend reaching out to them directly ( with your google map link. Hopefully they will be able to implement this update and the ROAM map will reflect the change."

The picture in the attachement shows this location: . The OSM maps shows the canal (and railway!) correctly but on my gps it is not shown. --> picture

Does someone knows how I can fix this in the map? Good to know: the same canal is show correctly at this place:

I think at least this part of the canal is missing: .

asked 04 Sep '20, 13:46

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The canal portions shown in both of your links are part of the same relation so it seems odd that one part shows and another doesn't.

The last edit to this relation was 6 months ago, are your maps newer or older than that?

(04 Sep '20, 16:46) InsertUser

For testing I removed the map and did a new installation. But without results, the problem is still the same.

(07 Sep '20, 10:19) goendi

Where the canal displays correctly on your map is it shown as a thin line or as an area with changing width?

(07 Sep '20, 13:02) TZorn

as a area with changing width

(25 Sep '20, 07:45) goendi

As stated in the comments above there is nothing wrong with the canal in the area you indicated it being missing. In fact the canal is mapped with the same lines and multipolygon across the section where it displays and where it does not.

My only advise is going back to Wahoo support and have them check their processing chain of the OSM data. The canal stretch must get lost in there.

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answered 25 Sep '20, 22:16

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