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Tags such as surface=wood or bridge=boardwalk are used for highways, and here I am trying to map slightly elevated wooden decks, in various shapes. I could try to simplify them to a squarish shape, but it feels wrong making a square highway around what is essentially 16 square meters of wooden planks on studs.

EDIT: I can't take a picture now, and I can't draw for sh1te, so here's a quick model: alt text

asked 28 Aug '20, 22:15

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Hi SinusPl do you have a link to the object or ways ?

(29 Aug '20, 13:55) Hendrikklaas

Did you consider to use the level=1 tag then is a higher boardwalk / platform level=2, higher and above the first one :-)

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answered 29 Aug '20, 14:13

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Footways or streets tagged with area=yes is a reasonably common way to tagging paved expanses in plazas etc. This could potentially be used here is nothing more specific is available.

Tall platforms for observation are man_made=tower and tower:type=observation but this doesn't seem to be what you are driving at.

Pictures or additional explanation of what you're trying to record might be helpful.

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answered 29 Aug '20, 15:39

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My point is that the object is definitely area-ish, several meters across, sometimes irregular - think wide terrace or patio or dining deck. Not meant for "highway"-type traversal, it's definitely an area, so I'm loathe to make it a highway with extra tags dangling off it. And it's pretty much at ground level, give or take a meter for a level surface on uneven or sloped ground, so not really much need for a level=1 there.

(29 Aug '20, 19:01) SinusPi

This sounds like something whose tagging will mostly be based on usage, so it will depend on what the particular bit of decking is for.

(29 Aug '20, 23:04) InsertUser

@SinusPi You do realize a "terrace or patio or dining deck" can have highway=footway? I don't understand your aversion for ""highway"-type traversal". It's more that they haven't been micro-mapped, not that highway=* can't be used on them.

(30 Aug '20, 05:56) Kovoschiz

If you can travel on it, it's such an area.

highway=footway area=yes surface=wood bridge=broadwalk layer=1 man_made=bridge material=wood

Why not?

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answered 30 Aug '20, 05:53

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edited 30 Aug '20, 05:59

Because I'm an idiot, LOL. :D Somehow I was sure that making a highway area would still show as an empty rectangle, traversed like a roundabout - not a nice, filled shape. My bad! :)

(30 Aug '20, 07:08) SinusPi

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