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Hello, I often download small maps from specific regions in Switzerland. I can only download small regions, since my Garmin device can only handle small files. Up to some time ago, this worked fine on, but since a while it says: "Sorry, due to server problems only country maps are currently available. You may need to refresh the browser cache first (CTRL-F5)." This message is there for a long time and I still cannot download regional maps. Does anyone have a solution? Are there other ways to download regional / cantonal maps from Switzerland? Many thanks! Bas

asked 25 Aug '20, 22:42

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That site is broken and has been so for some time. I suggest that you use a different download site. Have a look here.

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answered 25 Aug '20, 22:56

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Hello SomeoneElse, thanks for your reply, but the links in your site also only provide for country maps, and I really need a regional map for my Garmin 520, otherwise the datastorage is full... Any other tips perhaps? Is it easy to create a split map myself from a country map?

(26 Aug '20, 20:51) bvanhouts

BBBike allows to select an area.

(27 Aug '20, 04:34) maxerickson

This is the bbbike extract page

(28 Aug '20, 14:19) nevw

Garmin Basecamp should solve the issue,it is available as a free download. BC will allow you to export a section of a Garmin map to your Garmin device. Most OSM on Garmin map downloads can be used with Garmin Basecamp on a Windows PC and maybe a Mac. Opentopomap have a a Win pc version as well as a Garmin one Here's a link for Basecamp Note: If Garmin offer to update your firmware do NOT accept, some users have suggested that third party maps, such as OSM may not work on the device if you up-date the firmware.

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answered 27 Aug '20, 20:29

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