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In JOSM I've loaded a GPX track which contains waypoints. JOSM displays a name against each waypoint (made up from the name and description of the waypoint in the GPX file). The problem is that when waypoints are close together it's impossible to read the names without zooming right in (so that the entire display is showing <20m across or so, and the text is no longer overlaid), remembering the waypoint description, and then zooming back out and editing the map.

Is it possible to move GPX waypoints around to see what other waypoints may be underneath them?

asked 04 Sep '11, 21:44

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What's happening when you zoom in ? (use mouse wheel) Normally, the distance between POI's should increase, so zoom in until you can the text is not overlapped...

(05 Sep '11, 10:04) Pieren

That does work (unless the waypoints are on exactly the same latitude of course) but if the feature to be drawn is more than around 20m long (and most are) then it's a pain to have to keep zooming in and out.

(05 Sep '11, 11:01) SomeoneElse ♦

If these waypoints are made with a consumer grade GPS I guess you set too many of them (more then the accuracy of your device suggests). Either you can solve this zooming in and adding your map data zoomed in, or, if this doesn't work you could reduce the number of waypoints to a reasonable amount.

A third method might be to improve JOSM to be more intelligent when labelling waypoints, trying to avoid overlapping labels.

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answered 05 Sep '11, 12:21

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These are waypoints indicating things that might actually be in exactly the same place - one end of a bridge might also be a stile, for example.

Of course, the final position of anything on the map will be determined by a combination of waypoint position, aerial imagery, other GPS traces, etc. - I'm not looking to "convert all waypoints to nodes" here.

(05 Sep '11, 12:31) SomeoneElse ♦

If the same waypoint represents two things like in your case, I'd still use only one waypoint, but I agree that this depends on your mapping technique (mainly how easy it is on your device to set the "kind" of waypoint. I mostly use the same kind of waypoint and make distinctions in separate notes).

(05 Sep '11, 14:48) dieterdreist

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