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I came across several traffic-calming structures existing out of 10 thick (0,004 m.) painted line at 1.00 m interval on a cycleway, marked with traffic sign nl:G11. The path is frequently used by pedestrians out of the neighbouring town together with their freely walking dogs. The idea is the same as the double-dip, but more speed gives more rumble, what won’t be successful crossing the double dip. Too much speed brings you out of balance. How to tag traffic-calming=paint or just dont mention it ?

asked 16 Aug '20, 12:06

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This sounds like a bicycle version of a rumble strip to me. The 'road versions' are typically mapped as traffic_calming=rumble_strip which would probably be appropriate in your case as well.

I am not aware of any tags for the height of these sorts of features, they are normally in places that would place a surveyor at risk from the traffic.

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answered 16 Aug '20, 13:06

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Hi Insertuser, thanks, but that’s what I do, surveying with an appropriate vest and eyes on my back. Temporarily markings are made with paint, but sturdy ones with hot paste. If they are lower you would not feel them.

(17 Aug '20, 21:27) Hendrikklaas

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