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Hello everyone,

I'm working on maperitive now and part of river from few city are not displaying. I guess it's the junction of the river which have different nomenclature. This seems to only do in Paris and London. I download the waterway query on Qgis and it appears as so (see in annex). waterway=riverbank

I have included the riverbank in my code, so I don't where there error is. Thanks for your help.

Features areas water : natural=water OR natural=wetland OR waterway=riverbank OR waterway=stream OR landuse=reservoir OR landuse=basin OR natural=bay OR natural=water OR waterway=riverbankk aeroway area : aeroway

asked 15 Aug '20, 03:26

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An OSM link will get us a quicker route to the problem. See my recent answer to this.

(15 Aug '20, 07:10) andy mackey

A broken riverbank polygon is common reason for a problem like this.

(15 Aug '20, 07:12) andy mackey

At a glance that looks like the centre of Paris

(15 Aug '20, 10:59) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes it is the center of Paris. I downloaded the osm from geofabrik and osm directly, it seems the riverbank is broken.

I'm using maperitive to export in vector svg, how can i fix it ?

(15 Aug '20, 11:05) nguwusic

In JOSM, using the area @SomeoneElse pointed out, I see nothing wrong with the multipolygons of the river. All validate fine in JOSM, and the history shows them to be last edited at least a few months ago. I therefor doubt there is anything wrong in OSM itself, and think it more likely an issue with Maperitive or your own code.

(15 Aug '20, 12:11) mboeringa

Note also that unfortunately, there are still OpenStreetMap related software tools out there in the wild that don't properly support OSM Multipolygons. I think these tools should be updated, but that is the reality...

(15 Aug '20, 12:16) mboeringa

Right, that's probably the reason. But i'm still verifying what part of the code is hiding this part of the riverbank.

Do you guys know which software that can export svg or vector file?


(15 Aug '20, 12:28) nguwusic

QGIS is probably a good candidate: But if you are unfamiliar with GIS (Geographic Information Systems), it might be a steep learning curve.

(15 Aug '20, 13:34) mboeringa
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