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I am trying to output a map of British Columbia's regional districts using the Overpass API. I tried the following code on, and got a bit of a messy map.

out body;
out skel qt;

What I want to do is hide all of those single nodes that have roles in each of these relations, i.e., I want to see each multipolygon area depicted in yellow, but I want to hide the nodes that have "admin_centre" and "label" roles. I have not figured out a way to do this. Can anyone help?

asked 15 Aug '20, 00:59

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This is closer. There's an Overpass Turbo map setting to not show the small areas as nodes, which gets even closer.

out body;
out skel qt;

The OSM data is output in a few pieces here. out body; emits the relation data. Then only the way members of the relations are retrieved by way(r); (as in the other answer). Then the nodes needed to draw those ways are retrieved by (._;>;);. The ways and nodes are then emitted in out skel qt;. Using out skel; doesn't emit tags, so the nodes and ways output in that line are only used to construct the relation geometries, they aren't also interpreted as features in their own right. I put the {{style::...}} directive in there to show it was possible to adjust the display, if you like the default colors, just delete that part.

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answered 19 Aug '20, 01:57

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Wow! That is much cleaner. I was unaware that overpass-turbo allows for CSS fine-tuning of its output. Thank you for pointing this out.

(19 Aug '20, 04:58) DENelson83
out geom;

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answered 17 Aug '20, 12:13

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Except that looks even more hideous when depicted on, and none of the areas get coloured yellow.

(17 Aug '20, 22:41) DENelson83

Sorry I spoke. You clearly think you know best. You're on you own.

(18 Aug '20, 14:20) DaveF

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