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When I'm searching for any location in Republic of Moldova, although I write the name in the local language, the results are being shown in different translated languages.

For exemple, if I search for a street "Strada 31 August 1989, Bălți", the result is "улица 31 Августа 1989, Берестечко, Bălți Municipality, MD-3110, Moldavie" because the location and the neighborhood have a "name:ru" tag, and the city is shown in "name:en" while the country in "name:fr". Why is this happening and how to fix that ?

A solution was adding the local language key "name:ro". This solved my problem for the street, but it's the same for the neighborhood and the country.

In this case, if I write "Strada 31 August 1989, Chișinău", since it has the "name:ro", the result is "Strada 31 August 1989, Historical Centre, Chișinău, Municipalité de Chișinău, MD-2012, Moldavie" with the neighborhood being syill showed in English this time and the municipality and the country in French.

I think for both cases, the result should be seen in local language, unless I set a specific order of languages in my profile. Is this a bug or I'm using wrong OSM ?

Note: Adding name:ro is seen bad by other editor as he calls the local language "Romanian" with "Moldovan" and he also adds the wrong tag "name:mo" or "name:md" (the ISO 639-1 code is "ro" and there is no "mo" or "md" existing code as there is no such language). Also, the OpenStreetMap Multilingual wiki shows the exemple of France or Romania where only name: is used without name:fr: or name:ro:* although the Names#Repeating_name_with_language_specific_tag page encourages it.

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