I am querying an Overpass API in order to get the closest cities to another one with the following request: [out:json];node['place'='city']['name'='Malaga']->.center; node(around.center:100000)['place'='city']; out;

However, the above does not return anything unless I change Malaga with Málaga. Is this expected? I thought multilingual city names would be supported.

Thank you in advance and regards.

asked 07 Aug '20, 20:46

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I think Overpass uses exactly what you asks him. So if you want to use an international name you should either use name:xx=Malaga (with XX being the code of the language, i.e. en, fr, de, it, etc.) or use a regex and write something like ~"name:[a-z][a-z]"~"Malaga"

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answered 08 Aug '20, 00:37

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Thanks! I have checked and name:en does not exist for this city, however, it works with name:de. I think the most convenient for me would be to use [a-z][a-z] but it does not work either: [out:json];node['place'='city']['name:[a-z][a-z]'='Malaga']->blablabla

Any idea why?

(08 Aug '20, 09:56) dejavits

You forgot the ~ before and after "name:[a-z][a-z]"

(08 Aug '20, 10:01) Mannivu

In this example i used this query [out:json];node['place'='city'][~"name:[a-z][a-z]"~"Malaga"]->.center; node(around.center:100000)['place'='city']; out; and it worked.

(08 Aug '20, 12:31) Mannivu

Thanks! It worked :)

(09 Aug '20, 07:45) dejavits

Generally speaking the name tag should carry the name in the local language, diacritics and all. Where this language isn't English there may be an additional name:en tag for the English name (and so on for other languages). The main exception to this rule is in a few places where there are several local languages and the local community have decided on a convention or a "neutral" language instead.

If you want to use overpass for this query you will probably need to look at the name and name:__ tags.

Alternately you may want to do the initial geocoding with something like Nominatim and pass its response to Overpass for the second part of your query.

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answered 08 Aug '20, 00:40

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Thanks! I have tried with name: en but still does not work. I believe this city does not have "en" tag because if I use name:de (German) it works!. Is there a way to search for the city name matching any of the available languages available for the city?

(08 Aug '20, 09:55) dejavits
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