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Hi, I am brand new and created this account to edit a wrongly named street. How long will it take for the edit to appear on the public map? Thanks!

asked 05 Aug '20, 19:19

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When you upload a changeset with your edits, those edits are immediately incorporated into the database. At that point, it's up to each data consumer (online map website, app, etc.) to retrieve the new data. For the "Standard" map on, this is generally within minutes (though it can sometimes be longer). Most other services update far less frequently.

That being said, I looked at your edit and it won't do what you wanted it to do. Your changeset comment stated that the name of a road needed to be changed, but what you actually did was create a duplicate way over top of the existing one, and neither has the new name. What you'll need to do is remove the unnamed highway=residential way, and then change the name on the original one from "West Cactus Flower Lane" to "North Cactus Flower Lane".

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answered 05 Aug '20, 20:00

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I agree with alester on all points. including that does not do what you would like. If desired, I could make the change suggested by alester but you might want to do it yourself as a learning experience.

(05 Aug '20, 20:10) n76

Thanks for your help. Please forgive me, but I'm just on a simple desktop version (assuming some people use other methods?) and I have my changeset open but am not finding a way to remove or delete the "unnamed highway=residential way", nor am I seeing how to simply change the name. I went through the tour/turorial but I'm obviously having issues. :) Sorry and thanks for helping :)

(05 Aug '20, 20:12) CoCoRaHS_HQ

I suspect you are using iD which I am not that familiar with (I use JOSM).

In JOSM I can click on a way to select it. Once selected I can tap on the delete key to delete it. Or if I just want change a tag value, the tags for the selection are shown in a box and I can select the tag I want to change and click on "edit".

It wouldn't surprise me if the same general method would be used when editing using iD.

(05 Aug '20, 23:06) n76

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