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Edited a lot on my other account. Just wanted to know how many hours I have spent on it.

asked 30 Jul '20, 19:24

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That's something only you can answer I'm afraid - the OSM website doesn't know whether you were carefully tracing woodland or walking the dog in between hitting "save".

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answered 30 Jul '20, 19:57

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SomeoneElse ♦
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You can use HDYC for a lot of data, for example your current profile.

Unfortunately the time spent is not recorded by the editors, so no way to know if you spent one hour or a second on some node.

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answered 31 Jul '20, 02:40

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edited 31 Jul '20, 10:24

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scai ♦

HDYC does record changesets per hour. If a user's habit is editing in one sitting each day only, I guess he can ask how Pascal Neis did it. This still leaves time spend on 1st changeset of the day out, significant especially in few changesets per day.

(31 Jul '20, 04:42) Kovoschiz

You can get the number of mapping days by inserting your old name at this link :- https://hdyc.neis-one.org/?jexpearce and quite a lot of other data.

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answered 31 Jul '20, 07:56

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