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I'm mainly a consumer of OSM data and noticed a changeset breaking an app of mine. It turned out to be a bulk removal of a tag I was relying on. The changeset was commented on, asking the submitter to please not do this again. In the meantime, I found there are work-arounds for me.

But this experience made me wonder: How do changes make it into OSM in general?

For instance, is there a review process for changeset, like Wikipedia has with its pending changes protection? Or is any change going live right away?

(Note: I'm not looking for technical advice here, this is more of a process question.)

asked 29 Jul '20, 11:23

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There is no approval process for normal edits, all edits go live as soon as the changeset is uploaded. Imports and automated edits require prior discussion or tend to see speedy reversal.

There is a Data Working Group that handles disputes and reverts harmful edits and vandalism. Damage doesn't normally last very long.

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answered 29 Jul '20, 12:12

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a bulk removal of a tag I was relying on

In this instance please do drop an email to the Data Working Group at data@osmfoundation.org . Some tags (include some associated with some imports) have been widely discussed and removed en-masse, whereas other tags sometimes get removed because "people don't see the point of them" or think that the last person to edit a particular wiki page had accurately summarised the OSM community's views about something (this can be difficult when there is a divergence of views).

-- Andy (from the DWG)

(29 Jul '20, 12:22) SomeoneElse ♦
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