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Hi, i don't know how i should resolve this issue, or how i should understand the issue, because there is no road name change spot. Should i just delete the fix me error or how?

Thanks in advance Achille

asked 25 Jul '20, 21:09

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Can you link to the area of the map concerned?

(25 Jul '20, 21:10) SomeoneElse ♦

It can seem illogical that a road often has two names but it isn't. This node, a water course is where Conington and Elsworth meet, their boundary line. The bit from Conington is called Elsworth Road ( the road to) and other section in Elsworth locals would say that is the Conington Road.

(26 Jul '20, 20:14) andy mackey

I suspect (does need some parsing :-)), that this is on a street that has different names at the beginning and at the end, and the question is to determine where the name changes and split the way there.

It is not an uncommon error to assume the whole road has the same name when you just see a sign at one end, but that is naturally not a given. "in the old days" it was considered good practice to traverse the whole length of a road before adding the name, but I suspect that is now a lost art.

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answered 26 Jul '20, 09:10

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Hi, i don't see how i should split it, since this node indicates the change

(26 Jul '20, 09:27) sandwitche

If that is at the correct place, then simply close the note, if it isn't then move it to the correct place.

(26 Jul '20, 09:52) SimonPoole ♦
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