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Here in NZ, motorways and highways are different things. The Kapiti Expressway, part of State Highway 1, is built out like a motorway, and has separate shared walking & cycling paths. Around here:

It is also by law a highway where bicycles (and horses, pedestrians etc) are perfectly allowed, on the shoulder.

In places the highway is also absolutely the only rideable connection this side of the mountains -- especially between Waikanae and Peka Peka. I.e. there is no separate path here.

The effect is that komoot routes bicycles via the Mangaone Walkway where it's not actually allowed to ride.

Is there a way to mark the expressway appropriately?


asked 20 Jul '20, 22:52

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I see you edited already? You should accept the answer. You may want to check if =use_sidepath applies there. Additionally, the shoulder can be tagged with shoulder=left, etc. As for using highway=motorway on NZ's Expressways, you could ask and discuss this with your national community. Something you can look into is a few road sections around Christchurch tagged as motorroad=yes by someone.

(21 Jul '20, 22:31) Kovoschiz

Yes I found out how to edit. And I've accepted the answer -- didn't know about that feature.

Here in NZ a highway is not the same as a motorway. Highways are roads of different buildout, maintained by central government, but usable by car, foot, horse, bicycle etc. Motorways are usually highways and then only motorised traffic is allowed. It's a little different from most places :)

(27 Jul '20, 12:35) hirschirsch

Also, there are just a handful of 'expressways' around the country -- not worth another category IMHO

(27 Jul '20, 12:36) hirschirsch

You could simply add bicycle=yes. shoulder=yes is also worth adding so that route-planners know there's a safe(ish) place to ride. Note that route-planners typically take a while to reflect any changes you've made to the map.

(If there's a separate path, that should of course be mapped separately, and looks like it is.)

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answered 21 Jul '20, 10:02

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edited 21 Jul '20, 22:30

(Oh, hello stranger online. I deleted my comment after realizing I misread his question. )

(21 Jul '20, 22:36) Kovoschiz

I think this is the best approach, as there are plenty of countries that do allow pedestrian and bicycle use of motorway shoulders. One of my local Motorways is a specifically classified as a bike route. And tagged as such on OSM.

(24 Jul '20, 20:54) keithonearth

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