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Was doing a trip from Ottawa Ontario to Sydney, Nova Scotia and I saw an odd detour

I narrowed down the range so you can see the strange detour - https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=10/45.8542/-64.2426

If I change routing to grasshopper that detour doesn't happen

How can this get fixed?

asked 11 Jul '20, 22:49

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This may relate to a "no straight on" restriction added in changeset 83221430. I suspect it in in error as there is no alternate route and there is an identical restriction one node later.

This changeset seems to be meant to introduce a diversion to a covid checkpoint to this section of road, but the duplicate restriction can probably be deleted.

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answered 12 Jul '20, 02:02

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Hello, I confirm, there is a restriction blocking the road on the node https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1626240039/history#map=19/45.85269/-64.25523 There are two restrictions in this place, at least one is not supposed to be there. But check on the ground if the second one is still in place.

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answered 12 Jul '20, 11:04

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I'm not over in the east coast so I can't verify any restrictions

Curiously Graphhopper doesn't do the same detour via car. You would think that both OSRM and Graphhopper would treat the detour similarly

I also noticed that my route I copied via "share" didn't work. Not sure if this is relevant but I use Edge Chromium

(12 Jul '20, 12:33) Jamdread

But I presume that you drove along that way. Do you remember a police check point for coronavirus ? On the map, it is forbidden to continue on the main highway 104, it is compulsory to turn on the right. If you noticed nothing, We can remove all the previous restrictions (I have removed the first one before the fork).

Part of the highway is forbidden

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answered 12 Jul '20, 14:42

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My trip out east hasn't happened yet - I'm still in the planning phase for an August visit when I noticed the weird detour and couldn't understand why.

(12 Jul '20, 15:34) Jamdread
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