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I'm looking for an easy way to directly set the longitude and latitude of a node. The best would be a "copy-paste" of both longitude and latitude. The editor doesn't matter. I thought this would be a build-in feature in JOSM but seems not (I may be blind though).

So at this moment, all I have found to set the position of a node using JOSM is:

  1. Download the node. Download as few as possible data to make your life easier !
  2. Move the node somewhere, position doesn't matter,
  3. Save the data layer as "my_file.osm",
  4. Open "my_file.osm" with a text editor and find your node there (e.g. by ID). If you're flooded by text you downloaded too much data :3
  5. Change the "lat" and "lon" values of the node and save the file,
  6. Open "my_file.osm" on JOSM. Now you can publish your changes. This just took you 1 hour :D

asked 10 Jul '20, 11:01

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FWIW if you're overwhelmed by reams of xml you can also create another layer and selectively merge across only the elements that interest you. If you are modifying existing nodes you may also need to manually set action='modify' if you haven't edited any tags.

(10 Jul '20, 13:23) InsertUser

For new nodes in JOSM:

  • Tools -> Add Node (Shift+*D)

To move an existing node:

  • Tools -> Move Node

Both of these require expert mode.

Alternately, if you add a new node then merge an existing node to it it should keep the history of the old node.

This should also be fairly trivial in the Level0 editor.

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answered 10 Jul '20, 12:16

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So it's confirmed, I'm blind. Thank you :)

(10 Jul '20, 12:52) zatiranyk

Needles in a haystack.

(10 Jul '20, 13:17) InsertUser

Another way (still not simple):

  1. Tools / Add Node - place a new node at the exact Lat and Lon values
  2. Select the node to be positioned, then shift-select the new node (the order is important)
  3. Select M (or Tools / Merge nodes)

The old node will be moved to the new node position and the new node deleted in the merge.

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answered 10 Jul '20, 12:25

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Mike N
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I have just tried dragging a waymark.gpx into the iD window and that works. I have also displayed waymarks with Potlatch2 ..Backgrounds at the botton choose vector file .. browse to waypoint file and load and select it. That mark displays. Potlatch2 can display the cursor co-ords Lat/long just select the feature from the toolbox.

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answered 10 Jul '20, 12:25

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