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Hi everyone, In the area where I live there several places where parts of intermittent streams are used as roads when dry. They are maintained well enough that regular cars can drive over them most of the time, not just 4x4 vehicles (i.e. sections are paved with cement as needed, the rest is well compacted). Some of them even have street names.

If I make the highway and the stream overlap the editor seem to think it's an issue and there should be a tunnel. If they cross it wants to make it a ford. I have been thinking of having only one segment for the overlapping part, but then I can't find the proper tag for this segment.

How do I tag these in OSM ?

asked 07 Jul '20, 23:15

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In the desert southwest of the US this situation can be found fairly regularly. It is easier for the rancher to use a "dry wash" as an access road as long as it goes about where they want than to bulldoze something from scratch. But I've yet to come up with a way to map it that doesn't run afoul of the editors' validation checks. If asked on the tagging email list, I have not received suggestions that make sense to me. I think most of the people on the tagging email list live in climates where this is inconceivable.

In at least one case I've just created a single way and tagged it both as a intermittent stream and as a track with a surface of sand. I don't recall if I also put a "ford=yes" on the way as well. I might have. Validators don't like it but it is, in my opinion, about as close to ground truth as current the tagging system can describe it.

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answered 08 Jul '20, 05:41

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A conditional access tag like access:conditional=no @ wet might be a useful addition to give some chance of router support. Or if there is a fairly well defined dry season maybe set global access to no and 'give' conditional access during the dry months?

(08 Jul '20, 11:30) InsertUser

Validators can in general not consider every possible edge case and will tend to concentrate on highlighting frequent errors. If your specific edge case happens to coincide with a frequent error: ignore the validator and add a note to the object in question explaining the situation.

(08 Jul '20, 13:45) SimonPoole ♦

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