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Before exposing my doubts, I want to thank all the users of this platform for their excellent work! My doubts are as follows I would like to have maps of the cities that are Districts of Portugal (example a map in which only the city of Guarda appeared) that I could customize in Illustrator and then print. How can I do this in a simple way?

asked 05 Jul '20, 19:58

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I think MyOSMatic (formerly known as MapOSMatic) is your best bet. You can output OpenStreetMap data to PDF and choose multiple map styles as the basis for the map.


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answered 05 Jul '20, 20:47

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Thanks for the sugestion. But through the website you indicated I can't get maps of specific cities. Example I wanted a map showing only the city of Guarda, I didn't want the cities on the side of Guarda to be on the map

(05 Jul '20, 23:49) porto4ever

It is either one thing or the other: you wrote you wanted to "customize in Illustrator". So drop or hide the stuff you don't want in Illustrator.

If you don't want to do that, and need full customization, then loading data in PostGIS and using e.g. QGIS to create custom maps is probably the only way, but I wouldn't classify that as a "simple way".

You can't have it all: either dive in deep and learn to make OpenStreetMap extractions yourself, or use existing data sources with their limitations.

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answered 06 Jul '20, 07:28

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And how can I do that? One of the ideas I had was to try to get the map of the region I want with the lines delimiting the region and then in Illustrator to cut the areas that don't interest me, is it possible?

(06 Jul '20, 11:23) porto4ever
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