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Hello all,

I am creating an application where I would like to use openstreetmap but I am a completely novice. I have taken a look at the help wiki, specifically the framework section as well as the "Databases and data access APIs" but I am completely lost about what service/framework whatsoever I should use.

Ideally I would like to be able to have my own instance in my server. Right now I am using the open API of Nominatim where I can grab an address, but I know I can install it in my own server if necessary.

Also, I would like to for example, search for the shops or museums around 5 km of one address in the back-end. Such a thing cannot be done with Nominatim and therefore, this is when openstreetmap can help me or I believe so.

Please, could someone guide me about what could I use or where I could find answers to my questions?

Thank you very much in advance and regards

asked 03 Jul '20, 07:13

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What do you mean by "your own instance"; just that you will host your own copy of OSM data? Is your end goal just to be able to search for nearby POIs, or...?

(06 Jul '20, 16:14) mwoehlke

I mean to host a service in my localhost, like I could do with Nominatim but for OSM. My end goal in the back-end is to search nearby POIs and also know the distance between them. Thank you!

(07 Jul '20, 05:55) dejavits

I don't know of any publicly available frameworks to do this, but as a hint: Geoapify offers this in their Places API (bounding by travel time), so as a combination of an isoline or isochrome function (possibly based on valhalla isochrome) and poi search. Test it here: (tick "Search by isoline").

Nominatim only offers a poi search by bounded box or administrative place afaik, not by radius or the like.

(Try e.g. "bakery in delft": )

So you either have to rebuild the places api as offered by geoapify through PostGIS functions or lower your expectations in using the bounded box variation already present in Nominatim.

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answered 07 Jul '20, 08:21

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Sorry for the delay answering. I think I have different requirements, which I could summarize in two:

1.First one would be the ability to render maps; I mean, if I use leaflet, I need to make a query to "https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png". I would like to have my own "tile" instance in my server. What technology/Framework do I need to use? I think this is called "map rendering"?? 2. I have a list of POI (lat, lng), I need to calculate the distance between them. 3. Besides of point 2, I would also like to query my database of POIs in order to search for POIs close to certain place (lat, lng). For example, if I have a POI in a city I would like to be able to search for POI in a city close to that one.

I am not sure if this is possible, I am experienced developing SW but I have zero knowledge of maps, and so on.

Thank you in advance.

(12 Jul '20, 10:14) dejavits

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