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So I want to edit amenities on the map, and I’d like a simpler way to do so without the hassle of using JOSM. iD editor doesn’t work, as you have to manually add things (Hours, Phone Number, etc.), instead of all of the required fields on one page. I would use the android editor, but I use an iPhone (Go Map!! has a poor editor.). I would consider Amenity Editor, but it shut down. What is the best editor that is user-friendly, has a good presets editor, and meets my criteria?

asked 23 Jun '20, 10:14

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You can actually use JOSM with presets it is not totally obvious but it is essentially an extra click on the icon in the tag key/value form. I would (but I'm biased) suggest using the Vespucci presets instead of the default JOSM ones, but that's probably your best bet if you can't get use to iD.

To install in JOSM: copy JOSM download link from https://simonpoole.github.io/beautified-JOSM-preset/ , start JOSM -> Presets -> Preset preferences -> + sign on right hand side

Add the URL and a name to the popup, disable the default preset.

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answered 23 Jun '20, 20:04

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I use JOSM presets, and they work fine. If you could tell me how to import Vespucci Presets Into JOSM, that would be highly appreciated.

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answered 23 Jun '20, 21:12

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iD shows quite a few fields when you mark an object as being a simple preset. Here I've searched for 'supermarket' and clicked the result:

editor screenshot

You get name, operator, address fields and hours.

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answered 23 Jun '20, 22:48

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For simple POI, OsmAnd's editor isn't bad. It handles opening hours syntax without forcing you to deal with its syntax. It doesn't adapts it's fields per preset though, top level tag search, contact details an hours only unless you wand to edit the "advanced" tags.

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answered 25 Jun '20, 22:57

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