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Hi all,

I am looking for a desktop interface for planning custom hiking and cycling routes, thus ideally based on OSM maps. I need this to be able to export the route as GPX, so I can then navigate it using OsmAnd on my Android phone.

The desktop version of OSM ( does not seem to really allow advanced routing (no dragging&dropping), and Komoot seems to be full of bugs, such as not adding all waypoints defined on the map, to the list of waypoints.

I discovered, but here I cannot seem to find a way to have all my waypoints listed, so that I can rename then, reorder them etc.

Can anyone recommend some other online tool for that?

Thanks in advance! Francesco

asked 10 Jun '20, 22:34

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The Graphhopper demo has several profiles including Hike Bike and Mountainbike. Additional via points can be added and re-arranged as required (not sure the limit on this). It has gpx export too.

For cycling specifically there is also which supports also round trips and dragging and dropping an existing route to get a new route. This also supports GPX and PDF export, but is limited to the US & Canada, UK, EU, Aus and NZ.

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answered 11 Jun '20, 02:03

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AllTrails suits all my needs for bike and hiking routing and I generally export the gpx for my etrex. You can alternate between routing along paths or roads or freedraw an offtrack section. As with all applications, it takes practice to become familiar with how it functions.
I don't use waypoints much but note in the instructions that they can be added.

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answered 11 Jun '20, 02:50

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Thanks for your answers! Unfortunately for some reason this site doesn't work well for me: I can't upvote your answers, nor use the AddComment link, so I'll reply here.

@InsertUser: I tried Graphhopper, it's not bad but it's quite buggy, for instance when opening a shared link, if a waypoint is defined based on a search, it gives an error like "Point 4 is out of bounds: 20.0,2680.0". Also, it doesn't allow route drag&drop, although detouring the route by adding intermediate waypoints via right-clicking would not be so bad a workaround. Same for, where adding a waypoint via typing place name does not work for me in Chrome (can't type); this does work in Edge, but even there the list of waypoints does not reflect the added points.

@nevw: AllTrails seems decent but again, it falls short of the features I (perhaps unrealistically) expect to have at the same time. FOr instance, it does not allow defining waypoints though search (only via lat/lon), nor dragging start&end points.

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answered 11 Jun '20, 20:01

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Garmin Basecamp is for creating tracks and routes and will display and OSM map download, search for OSM on Garmin for a map. Both are free downloads.

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answered 11 Jun '20, 21:28

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andy mackey
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