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Hello, I am new to mapping and I am here as I want to replace a point marker on a Wikidata item map with the line for the street, but on OSM I found the street marked/ highlighted as separate segments. Is it ok to connect them? The street is Кантемировская улица in Saint Petersburg Russia.

asked 08 Jun '20, 16:10

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No, you cannot combine them. Not only is this a street with different geometries for each direction of travel, but the street's properties change along the way. For example, the part https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/356651752 has four lanes, and https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/31385594 has only three. Combining them would force you to choose three or four lanes for the whole length.

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answered 08 Jun '20, 16:43

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thank you. I live in that street, but am not a driver, and to me it has only one bend - at the roundabout Academician Klimov Square. I have seen as a teen-ager its road expanded twofold to turn it into a very busy connection route between several districts. I really know it is one single street, and bus lanes were marked on it several years ago along its whole length. What solutions do you see?

(08 Jun '20, 19:16) Lesno

Today I completed the OSM introduction tutorial, and it said lines on the map are to be drawn in the middle of a street.

(08 Jun '20, 19:24) Lesno

There is no problem with the OSM data and as Frederik explained no way to combine all segments of the road. I guess you have to find a solution to your problem in the "wikidata item map" you are referring to.

(08 Jun '20, 19:48) TZorn

"lines on the map are to be drawn in the middle of a street." but when there is a physical divider, e.g. grass area, we draw 2 lines (aka ways), one for each direction of the road.

(09 Jun '20, 04:32) escada

Ok. But the descriptions of the segments say the segments are part of "relations" such as trolleybus route 31, on whose map the line is solid - and considerably extends the length of the street as such.

(09 Jun '20, 05:47) Lesno

That is irrelevant. You can create a relation:street if you really want, but it's ultimately up to Wikidata to collect all the needed segments (eg with the same name in an area). Does Wikimedia Maps work in Wikidata?

(09 Jun '20, 06:14) Kovoschiz

@lesno, where is this map showing trolleybus route 31? Can you give us a link?

(09 Jun '20, 06:44) escada

Wikimedia for editing maps refers to OSM. Trolleybus 31 was mentioned as a relation including the street, and I will try to find it.

(10 Jun '20, 11:23) Lesno

what is shown here are the members of that relation. All individual segments of that road are placed in the relation. This has nothing to do with roads drawn in the middle or roads split in 2 wats for east/west bound traffic, or roads split for different maximum speed etc.

(10 Jun '20, 12:38) escada

when you look on the left side, you will see that the relation contains multiple ways called "Civil Prospect" or "North Square" (I see the English names, you might see the Russian names)

(10 Jun '20, 12:40) escada
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