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Hi, Where can I find meta-data describing the SOURCE of the OSM standard tiles for Sierra Leone? Aspects like - whether the source was scanned paper maps or digital data; - the source map type (1:50,000 topo maps? 1:250,000 topo maps?) - the agency that conducted the original field mapping? - year(s) of updating the original source mapping

I have spent an hour or two trying to track down the info on OSM as well as related sites, but not found it. So either a URL reference to the meta-data, or the actual information sought, would be appreciated.

Best regards Calle Hedberg Technical advisor, electronic Case-Based Disease Surveillance and Response (eCBDS), Sierra Leone

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Calle Hedberg
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In general, OSM does not copy from other maps. People either trace features from aerial imagery, use GPX traces, combine street level photos with aerial imagery, etc. It is also possible that data is added from out-of-copyright printed maps.

Most of the times there isn't an "agency that conducted the original field mapping", either. It's all kind of people contributing to the map: Locals mapping what they know from living there, "arm chair mappers" that work remotely and take information from aerial images, organizations like NGOs or delivery companies that gather information from when they are working in the area.

The source can either be found on the OSM objects themselves, such as on this way where the source tag tells us Bing imagery was used.

Another possibility is that the source is mentioned on the changeset.

Planet dumps contain this information.

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