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When hiking, I record my track, with the altitude, and I'd like to extract the incline data to fill the incline tag in OSM. Is there a way to extract this information and fill the tag automatically ? Or do I need to manually compute the altitude difference in all segments an manually modify the incline tag ?

I saw a related question, but it is 6 years old, and post necromancy is kind of bad practice...

I found nothing like that in JOSM or in plugins.

asked 06 Jun '20, 18:02

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What do you use to record elevation? While HDOP isn't great for GPS I was under the impression that VDOP was horrendous.

(06 Jun '20, 23:15) InsertUser

I use the default OsmAnd~ pluggin to record a track. So it is basic GPS precision. And when plotting the altitude curve of the trace, the precision looks not too bad. Some points are wrong, but most of them look fine and coherent.

(07 Jun '20, 01:32) Pantoophle

@InsertUser Absolute precision of vertical position is usually unusable, I'm often under the sea for example. But relative precision is not so bad, I mean the error looks consistent for each session.

@Pantoophle I'm afraid I never seen something like that. I guess the best would be to write a JOSM plugin. But there are quite a few challenges. You'll have to make a statistical analysis a the altitude curve, remove outliers, decide where to split the ways, etc.

(07 Jun '20, 12:35) H_mlet

I'm not sure how useful it is to add the incline tag to OSM ways. Elevation aware routers can use SRTM and similar data sources. This is already done by various popular routers.

(08 Jun '20, 10:51) scai ♦

When I'm using OsmAnd~ to plan a hike, it displays the inclination of each segment of the circuit. But on many segments, it just displays "No Data". So I thought that I could fill this missing data.

(08 Jun '20, 12:08) Pantoophle

OsmAnd has a contour lines plugin and hill shade maps to visualize terrain information. It also uses this information to influence bicycle and foot routing. This works without any incline tags.

(08 Jun '20, 12:20) scai ♦
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