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Is it planned downage, or what kind of emergency maintenance? Service unavailability appears to be recovering unstably.

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asked 06 Jun '20, 14:21

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For a couple of days it has become extreme again. Every second request or so gets a 503. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

(09 Mar '21, 15:13) TZorn

Yes, same for me over the last 2 days (I assume you are talking about as in the original question).

(09 Mar '21, 16:16) alan_gr

And here we go again. :-(

(04 Aug '21, 10:16) TZorn

For me too, for the last day or too help has been unusable much of the time.

(04 Aug '21, 13:48) alan_gr

It's been happening sometime this week.

(11 Aug '21, 07:46) Kovoschiz

I raised a new ticket on Github. Let's see if someone can help.

(11 Aug '21, 10:52) TZorn
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It happens from time to time. I had brought that up on Github a while ago but the admins claimed be unable to help at that time.

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answered 06 Jun '20, 21:06

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Strangely, I have never experienced this until yesterday.

(06 Jun '20, 21:30) Kovoschiz

There is no one "website" when you connect to you will be served by one of the five frontend servers which in turn connect to 5 backend servers (some of these are located in the UK some in NL), which in turn connect to a master and a couple of replica databases.

What you may have seen could just be a hiccup with one of the frontend servers that nobody else has experienced, without details definitely nobody will be able to help you.

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answered 06 Jun '20, 15:52

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SimonPoole ♦
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I'm guessing that it might have been about the help site itself :)

(06 Jun '20, 16:21) SomeoneElse ♦

Sorry I tagged then forgot to mention in the body.

(06 Jun '20, 18:09) Kovoschiz

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