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Hello, i have just heard about this site and want to add my knowlege of roads in my area. My qwestion is if small paths are welcome here? I know a lot of single-tracks that are really just for walking, so i want to know if these are exepted here. Thank you for your answers.

asked 04 Jun '20, 11:58

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Yes, they are very definitely welcome. Really there is no such thing as "too small" in this context - if a path or trail exists in reality, and people really use it for walking and/or cycling, it certainly belongs in OpenStreetMap. In fact one of the things I personally like about OpenStreetMap is that it has better coverage of paths than commercial mapping products, in my area at least.

There are two main ways of mapping paths: It is not always obvious which of these to choose, but either way it is often helpful to add other tags such as "surface" if you know these. I would guess that what you refer to as single-tracks fits better with highway=path, but if possible have a look at how other people have mapped similar things in your country.

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answered 04 Jun '20, 12:09

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Thats great. I just found that Kamoot is using this maps witch i great since i am using kamoot. So yeah lets start maping!

(04 Jun '20, 12:13) T0M0360

Great. Thanks for your contribution. As you are seemingly into hiking or cycling yourself please further detail your new paths by adding additional information to them that help routers and fellow hikers/cyclists. Most valuable are surface, smoothness, sac_scale, trail_visibility, width, lit.

(04 Jun '20, 15:15) TZorn

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