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Front Sight in Pahrump NV is labeled at an old airport near it. I am not able to move the label. When you zoom in far enough to move it, it disappears. Front Sight is to the North West of Where it shows.

asked 02 Jun '20, 16:48

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I see the label you are talking about, just north of Hidden Hills airport. I believe this only appears in the "Locator Overlay" used in the ID editor when zoomed out, which can be quite outdated (there is an open issue about this at ).

So there may have been an object with that name at some point in the past, but it is not in the current data and shouldn't appear in any map using current data. You can check, for example, that this problem does not occur with any of the four map layers available at the home page.

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answered 02 Jun '20, 17:11

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edited 02 Jun '20, 17:22

my problem is that mapbox is using this data and it shows our location way off. That link you just provided is invalid now it looks like.

(02 Jun '20, 17:16) cookston

There was a formatting problem with the link, which I have now fixed.

It sounds like you need to follow up with Mapbox, as there is no sign of a problem in OpenStreetMap data.

(02 Jun '20, 17:28) alan_gr

I can see the error in the editor of openstbreetmaps. it doesn't show the labels when you are looking at the normal data in openstbreetmaps. how do I know who to go to that is supplying that label?

(02 Jun '20, 17:38) cookston

I can confirm the Front Sight label near the airport on a Mapbox map that is shown by one of the apps I'm using on my phone. I don't see the label on any non-Mapbox maps.

The answer to your last question: If you see something on a 3rd party map that is not shown on the standard map on and is not visible in the data either you have to go to that 3rd party.

It does often happen that mappers make an error that is corrected later but map providers just took a snapshot of the data while the error was in. Usually, those things get corrected with the next update of the map but Mapbox is notorious for very long update cycles.

(03 Jun '20, 10:18) TZorn

I suspect that you're talking about . Try zooming in on the edge of that and clicking there in the editor.

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answered 02 Jun '20, 16:52

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SomeoneElse ♦
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zoom out a little ways. Look to the south east of Front Sight by an old airstrip. It has a label for Front Sight way out there but only if you are zoomed out beyond the ability to edit.

(02 Jun '20, 16:58) cookston

Can you provide a link?

(02 Jun '20, 17:07) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, that's the name of . Try zooming in on the edge of that (not the middle) and clicking there in the editor. In the iD editor the edges are red and have an orange inner border that you can click on.

(02 Jun '20, 17:11) SomeoneElse ♦

I can edit the red area you are talking about. But there is another label down by that airport that says Front Sight. I need to move it up to where our property is. It is a mile off.

(02 Jun '20, 17:13) cookston

I still believe that label is from something that no longer exists in OpenStreetMap data. If that is the case then the issue is with the map tiles that are using old data, not with OpenStreetMap.

(03 Jun '20, 09:32) alan_gr
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