Is it possible to upload, all the available tracks, from Garmin connect to OpenStreetMap account?

asked 01 Jun '20, 21:19

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yes, but doesn't work.

(03 Jun '20, 19:23) alessandro

Well, short story is that Garmin Connect does not support exporting tracks in .gpx in bulk. It is still possible to export your tracks from GC one by one clicking on "Export GPX" on each of them and saving them on your computer, then zipping them up in a single .zip file and uploading to OSM.

But you could try this or other Chrome extensions for bulk download from GC but judging by the reviews most of them seem broken since GC revamped their UI and changed the api...

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answered 02 Jun '20, 08:33

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accept rate: 25% is a connector from different app (as example from garmin to Strava). Tapiriik connects different apps, it was useful if someone of these apps could permit to download all the track. We could synchronize all the track form GC to XXX and download all the track, after download from XXX and import in OSM. What do you think about? alt text

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answered 03 Jun '20, 13:35

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Well, I see Dropbox on their website, from there it should be easy to download a zip of all gpx.

(03 Jun '20, 16:46) H_mlet

The thing is though, if he already has a bunch of tracks on GC and connects tapiirik, it won't download the already existing ones...

"Due to new limitations in Garmin Connect's API, tapiriik can no longer upload activities to your Garmin Connect account, download historical activities from before you connected to tapiriik, or detect private acitivites (all activities uploaded to your Garmin Connect account will be synchronized)"

(03 Jun '20, 21:00) ivss_xx
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